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Upload PDFs

Easily upload pdfs either as one large pdf or individual pdfs. Each pdf can be up to 20mb when uploaded individually, it will still allow you to select you entire issue and upload it at once.

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Add interactivity such as hyperlinks, mailto links, go to page link, and e-commerce. Rich media can easily be added, either embedded or as a popup. Use a combination of your own videos, Vimeo, YouTube, or other online share sites. Most importantly, add table of content, this creates a much better reading experience.

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Check your publications interactivity and rich media before publishing.

Upload PDFs

Publish on the Web, Apple, Android and Kindle Tablets. Your readers can download publications to their tablets so it is available for offline reading.

Upload PDFs

Provide your advertisers with feedback. Review the analytics package, print or export for easy sharing.

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